Travel In Comfort With Business Class

Everyone has their own reason for wanting to fly business class. Whether its comfort, the need to work, or you have extra points or miles and want to try something new, Business Class tickets are a luxury most travelers would prefer. And now you can, and at heavily discounted rates.
Once you fly Business Class, you’ll never want to travel economy again. The amenities available for Business Class travelers will vary from one airline to another, but often a Business Class ticket includes:

  • More leg room and spacious seats. This means you wont get cramped from sitting in tight quarters. Rather, you’ll have the room you need to relax, read or work during your flight.
  • Flat Folding Seats. During long international flights, you’ll need to sleep at some point. Business class often offers seats that either fold down flat, or nearly flat, so you can sleep more soundly than the slight recline in economy.
  • Exceptional Food. While food in economy is tolerable, the menu for Business Classis a step up, often moving beyond the food for the masses philosophy and providing quality food and premium alcohol services.
  • Premium Entertainment. Many Business Class cabins also provide personal television screens with options for on-demand entertainment, music, news and more. Whatever your travel needs, you can stay connected and have some time to relax.

Get More Than A Lift: World Class Customer Service

Not all Business Class tickets are the same, and you need to know the differences. From the price for the ticket to the number of miles or points you earn for flying, you should make the most of your Business Class flight.
The Travel Insiders at Luxury Class Tours have the experience necessary to ensure you get the most out of your flight. From knowing every airline, route and seat to knowing the tricks, specials, and secrets of the airline industry, we can ensure you get every possible ounce of value and comfort out of your flight.

Leave The Stress At Home When You Fly With Luxury Class Tours

How often have you had to travel and spent hours scouring flight schedules and discount sites for the flight that will allow you to travel in comfort while getting you to your destination on time? Now throw in the extra time you spent trying to use your points and miles, and you’ve begun to wonder if you should worry about your blood pressure.
When you fly with Luxury Class Tours, we take all the stress and headaches out of making your flight arrangements. From scouring the airlines for the best deal, to handling your points, we take care of it all. We ensure the airline, route and seat you have will meet your needs and at a great price. Our agents know all the ins and outs of premium travel that only the most savvy travelers understand.
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