Africa got over 50 sovereign countries and this is the 2nd biggest continent when it comes to population and land area. It contains people of different religions, cultures and skin colors. This continent offers boundless means for fun and adventure. You can perform different activities such as:

  • Visiting pygmy villages
  • Hiking through jungle and watch gorillas
  • Buying crafts in the market
  • Relaxing on Indian Ocean’s tropical islands
  • Venturing into Sahara with the Tuareg caravan
  • Traveling across Savannah,
  • Snacking on some exotic treats
  • Traveling down the river in the dugout ‘pirogue’.

Another great fact about Africa is that it has been a diverse continent and each part of its countries got unique culture. There may be some misconceptions and wrong notions about this continent. However, you can witness the real situation of the people’s life here as you have business class to Africa.
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