Travel To Al Ain

Travel To Al Ain

Book your flights to Al Ain with Luxury Class Tour and delve into this lush urban oasis, meaning “the spring” in Arabic, the greenery of Al Ain, called the Garden City, has kept the surrounding desert sands at bay for over 4,000 years. Admire the modern streets, the curious sculptures, and of course, the colourful gardens.

Top 5 Things To Do in Al Ain

  • Ascend the more than 1,200 metres of Jebel Hafeet Mountain to the thrilling view of the city that greets you at the top, then relax in the thermal springs on the way down
  • Refresh yourself at the Wadi Adventures water park, where you can surf on waves three metres high and practise kayaking
  • Forget you’re in the desert at the Central Garden, the exuberant green sanctuary that is part of the reason why Al Ain is called the Garden City, as well as its numerous parks
  • Explore the lovely courtyards and lavish rooms in the Palace of Al Ain, the last residence of Sheikh Zayed, now converted into a museum
  • Peer back into the Iron Age in the garden and Hili Archaeological Park

Plan Your Al Ain Holiday

The best time to buy tickets to Al Ain is during the winter, usually between November and March, because during the summer months the temperature can reach a sweltering 50 degrees, and the gardens will be in full bloom. The best flight deals to Al Ain are available in winter.
Keep in mind that the Al Ain Classics Festival is celebrated in April, which is attended by orchestras and musicians from all over the world, so it won’t be easy to find cheap hotels in Al Ain. Likewise in December, when the Festival of Falconry takes place, which is a unique opportunity to see the best falcons in the world.

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