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Travel To Almaty

Book your flights to Almaty with Luxury Class Tour and discover the jewel of Kazakhstan. Located at the foot of the Trans-Ili Alatau Mountains, this city will seduce you with its natural landscapes and remarkable architecture that mixes Russian extravagance with Asian colours.

Top 5 Things To Do in Almaty

  • See the Kolsai Lakes, three spectacular lakes set among green mountains at an altitude of over 1,800 metres
  • Study the petroglyphs of Tamgaly-Tas, a series of inscriptions and drawings on the huge rocks overlooking the Ili River that will take you back to a forgotten time
  • Enjoy the classic ballet that is regularly performed in the Abay Opera House
  • Walk the tree-lined avenues of Panfilov Park, an abundance of green in the city centre which dates back to the 19th century
  • Pass through the halls of the Kazakhstan Museum of Arts, which is home to the finest collection of art in the country

Plan Your Almaty Holiday

If you are thinking of booking your tickets to Almaty, keep in mind that its position at the foot of the highest mountains of Kazakhstan makes for chilly winters. However, if the cold doesn’t bother you, this is the perfect season to find the cheapest flight deals to Almaty, using the Deals section of our website, and you’ll also have the chance to ski down its snowy slopes or to go ice skating on its frozen lakes.
During the summer, you can enjoy a series of outdoor concerts through the month of September and experience a wonderful lively atmosphere. Classical music flows into the streets and the delicious aroma of local dishes spreads throughout the city. Finding cheap hotels in Almaty on these dates will not be the easiest task, so it is best if you make your reservations well in advance.

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