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Travel To Astana

Book your flights to Astana with Luxury Class Tour and expect an unforgettable trip in one of the most interesting and diverse young capital cities in the world. Arrive at your destination knowing you received the best price for comfortable, luxurious travel accommodations.

Top 5 Things To Do in Astana

  • Head to Aquapark if you are travelling with children; there are fantastic indoor and outdoor pools which will keep them entertained
  • Visit Bayterek Monument and take the elevator to the top of the tower to take pleasure in some of the best views of the city
  • Go for a sauna on a cold Astanan day and experience a traditional, relaxing Kazakh spa
  • Immerse yourself in Astana’s rich history at the Presidential Center of Culture Museum
  • Explore your artistic passions at the Fine Art Museum, which is home to some incredible pieces and interesting exhibitions

Plan Your Astana Holiday

Much as the nation surrounding it, Astana is currently experiencing a period of rapid cultural evolution and modernization. The best time to visit Astana is during the summer months of June, July and August when it is warm enough to explore the city. If you would like to go to Astana during this peak time, make sure you book your tickets to Astana several months in advance to get the best price possible.
Finding flight deals to Astana that suit your budget and needs is easy with the Deals section on our website. For those travelling on a budget or looking to save money on cheap hotels in Astana, consider travelling during the less crowded winter months. Winter is a great opportunity to experience true Astanan hospitality and the snow-covered landscape it is famous for.

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