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Travel To Basrah

Book one of Luxury Class Tour’s flights to Basra and venture into a city with centuries of fascinating history and legends. Near the Shatt al-Arab River, this city curves around the port Umm Qasr, which is the largest port in the country, and is also the source of many legends.

Top 5 Things To Do in Basra

  • Discover the remains of the ancient Basra Mosque, built with mud and adobe, which has the honour of having been the first mosque built outside of Mecca, the Sacred City
  • Relax on the terraces of Sinbad Island, a true oasis of lush gardens in the middle of the Shatt al-Arab River.
  • Walk through a forest of palm trees along the banks of the river towards Abu Al-Khaseeb, a small village where the most ancestral traditions are still kept alive
  • Wander the bustling stands of Amogaiz, the oldest market in Basra, where you can find anything from the works of local artisans to delicious exotic fruits
  • Travel to the Ur archaeological site, where you can see the excavated remains of one of the first cities on Earth

Plan Your Basra Holiday

With Luxury Class Tour Deals section, you can find flight deals to Basra for very reasonable prices. In addition, it’s not difficult to find cheap hotels in Basra as tourism is still not massive in the area, but it is always wise to make reservations in advance to avoid disappointment.
Keep in mind that the best months to buy tickets to Basra are those that coincide with the winter and fall months. During the summer months of May through to October, it is quite hot and temperatures can exceed 40°C, making outdoor activities more difficult.

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