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        Travel To Beirut

        Let Luxury Class Tour start off your trip aboard one of our comfortable, trouble-free flights to Beirut and enjoy our world-class service along the way. In this city, you will find ancient mosques combined with the remains of the Roman Empire, in the Achrafieh district, the vibrant nightlife of the Gemmayzeh neighbourhood and plenty of the impressive new buildings.

        Top 5 Things To Do in Beirut

        • Peruse the grand halls of the National Museum, which boasts one of the best collections of Phoenician art in the world
        • Marvel at one of the world’s amazing natural wonders located just off the shores of the Raouche neighbourhood in Lebanon: Pigeons’ Rock, two stunning rocky formations that rise up out of the sea
        • See the Government Palace, an impressive Ottoman structure that is also known as the Grand Serail
        • Take a look back in time at the Roman Baths Garden, which features the uncovered ruins of ancient Roman baths
        • Visit the Al-Omari Mosque at dusk and admire its beautiful amber glow

        Plan Your Beirut Visit

        If you’re thinking of taking advantage of any of the flight deals to Beirut, keep in mind that during the summer months the heat if often stifling. The best time to buy tickets to Beirut is from October to March, when the weather is more benign. In addition, you also can find cheap hotels in Beirut during these months.

        This city hosts a variety of international events, such as the International Film Festival, which continues to attract producers from five continents, and the International Jazz Festival, providing an outstanding opportunity to enjoy the best of the genre. For younger travellers, a popular event is One Big Sunday, a music festival that takes place every Sunday during the summer on the city’s main beaches.

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