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Travel to Belgium

Start planning a trip that you will never forget when you reserve your flights to Belgium with Luxury Class Tour. Belgium is a country that always has something new for you to do. Experience the multicultural nature in the architecture, food, and the lifestyle that you are certain to find captivating.

Top 5 Things To Do in Belgium

  • Get lost in the rich, authentic flavour of Belgian chocolate. An astonishing collection of shops boast an assortment that any chocolate lover will adore
  • Visit Bruges, an impressive medieval town, where you can see the famous windmills and take a canal boat tour
  • See how motion pictures were born at the Musée du Cinéma, or Film Museum
  • Browse the large variety of comics on display at the Belgian Comic Strip Centre and learn the important role that comics play in Belgium history
  • Take every opportunity to try new cuisines at the many restaurants in Belgium and enjoy some of the best dishes in Europe

Plan Your Belgium Holiday

To enjoy the rich music and culture of Brussels, visit during April, however the best time to go swimming and try other water activities along the coast is during July and August.
To find amazing flight deals to Belgium, search Luxury Class Tour’s popular deals. During the Ghent Festival in July, be sure to reserve your tickets to Belgium well in advance to ensure availability. The moderate climate allows visitors to enjoy a variety of activities all year round. In order to avoid disappointment, we advise you to make your reservations early to find cheap hotels in Belgium. Plan your trip during the late summer to enjoy the best weather, while avoiding the peak tourist season of July through to August.

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