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Travel to China

Start planning your amazing trip by reserving your flights to China with Luxury Class Tour. Home to one fifth of the world’s population, China is an incredible place to visit filled with a warm, welcoming and culturally diverse people, and a fascinating history that spans over three thousand of years.

Top 5 Things To Do in China

  • See the Great Wall of China in person and experience the true sense of inspiration that its magnificent size and deep history creates
  • Admire the thousands of life sized figures that make up the Terracotta Warriors in the Shaanxi province
  • Find a sense of peace and tranquillity among the temples, pavilions and gardens of Hangzhou, the beautiful city that is centred around the astonishingly picturesque West Lake
  • Explore the scenery and culture with a cruise along the Yangtze River
  • Learn more about the incredible Giant Pandas, the nation’s mascot, at the Breeding Research Base in Chengdu

Plan Your China Holiday

To be in China during the time when the ancient paintings from the Beijing Palace Museum are displayed, you will need to visit in early autumn during September. In January, the world famous Harbin Ice Festival takes place, an event that draw visitors from across the globe.
In order to find the best flight deals to China, check out Luxury Class Tour’s popular deals. If visiting during the summer break when many students are travelling, we suggest that you book your accommodation early and book your tickets to China several months before your visit. With some planning, you can find cheap hotels in China all year round. You can also save by taking your trip during the winter months of November to March.

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