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Travel to Cyprus

Book your flights to Cyprus with Luxury Class Tour today and get ready to explore this historic island that rises majestically out of the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. Its unique history is reflected in its varied architecture and it is home to several stunning beaches.

Top 5 Things To Do in Cyprus

  • Hire a boat to go dolphin watching off the coast of Hatsi
  • Walk the magnificent beaches searching for sea turtles taking a nap
  • Scuba dive amongst ancient shipwrecks and explore numerous underwater cave systems
  • Tour Old Town in southern Nicosia surrounded by 16th century Venetian fortifications
  • Spend a day skiing on the famous Mount Olympus

Plan Your Cyprus Holiday

Truly an island for all kinds of tourists, Cyprus allows for very different experiences based on your desires. You can spend the day relaxing on the beach and swimming in the warm, clear waters of the Mediterranean, shopping in the narrow laneways of town or go exploring up in the mountains. The most popular time of year to visit Cyprus is between April and October. While July and August can get very hot, it is a perfect time to visit one of the pristine beaches that surround the island. The island hosts a 10 day Carnival in late February or early March so we suggest buying your tickets to Cyprus as early as possible if you plan to visit at this time.
Cheap hotels in Cyprus are readily available between November and March, except for during the 10 days of Carnival, as the weather is cooler and wetter at that time. The lack of tourists during these months makes it an ideal time to visit. It is easy to find flight deals to Cyprus at any time of year thanks to Luxury Class Tour’s popular deals.

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