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Travel To Dammam

Book your flights to Dammam with Luxury Class Tour and journey to a young, coastal city where you can discover Arabian culture, sample the traditional cuisine of the Eastern Province and, on Coral Island, enjoy some of the finest fishing in the Arabian Gulf.

Top 5 Things To Do in Dammam

  • Spend an afternoon at the Museum of Archaeology and Ethnography housed in the Public Library and savour the unique culture of the region
  • Drive to the artificial island of Al Morjan and experience the turquoise sea waves from close proximity
  • Ride a camel in the desert, just outside Dammam city, and have an iconic and memorable Arabian travel experience
  • Relax in a laid back Dammam café and sip on excellent Arabian coffee. Try the famous local dates whilst indulging in interesting conversations with other travellers and locals
  • Shop for international brands and local souvenirs at the Ash-Shate’a Mall or the Marina mall near the Corniche

Plan Your Dammam Holiday

Unlike other major oil cities across the Middle East, Dammam has flourished both commercially and culturally. One such place to relish the local culture and history is the Heritage Village. To indulge in a true blue desert adventure, visit Khobar and ride an all-terrain vehicle on the sandy dunes of the Arabian Gulf.
Dammam has a very hot desert climate and even the winters are warmer than other coastal cities. Rainfall is rare and dust storms are common throughout the year. Winter is the best season to book your tickets to Dammam. The weather from October to early March is ideal and you can also find cheap hotels in Dammam during this season. Don’t forget to look for the best flight deals to Dammam in the Deals section of our website.

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