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Travel To Dhaka

Book your flights to Dhaka and prepare yourself for a laidback and rejuvenating holiday to the beautiful city of muslin and mosques. This city is renowned for its rich history and vibrant culture attracting travellers from across the world.

Top 5 Things To Do in Dhaka

  • Walk through the ancient streets of the Shankaria Bazaar in old Dhaka and you will be welcomed by a strong aroma of incense and colourful shops selling jewellery and other artefacts
  • Marvel at the architectural magnificence of the National Assembly Building, designed by the famous American architect Louis Kahn and originally built to serve as the regional capital of Pakistan
  • If you want to take a closer peek of the city , you must ferry on an exciting boat trip on the Buriganga River serving a panoramic view of its flowing waters against the amazing, lush backdrop
  • Relive the grandeur of the majestic bygone era of the Mughal dynasty by spending some time at the Lalbagh Fort, the construction of which lies incomplete to date
  • Take a peek at the Liberation War Museum that chronicles the founding of the country through Bengali and English memorabilia, photos and newspaper reports

Plan Your Dhaka Holiday

Dhaka city attracts a lot of travellers between the months of September and March when the heat of summer has begun to mellow. This is the peak season with pleasant weather and mild temperatures.
Check for the best flight deals to Dhaka on the Deals section of our website. You are advised to book your tickets to Dhaka well in advance if you are planning a trip during the peak season. The rainy season once the monsoon sets in is the off season period when you can find cheap hotels in Dhaka.

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