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Travel To Dubai

Book your flights to Dubai with Luxury Class Tour and experience this focal city of not only the United Arab Emirates, but of the entire Middle East. This truly international locale is a booming metropolis and rated as one of the most desirable places to live in the entire region.

Top 5 things to do in Dubai

  • Stand in wonder before the Burj Khalifa, a bastion of exclusive shopping and entertainment, which as of 2013 was considered the tallest building in the world at just over 830 metres tall
  • Featuring over 1,200 vendors, the Dubai Mall is one of the busiest shopping precincts in the world, attracting over 750,000 people every year
  • Found in the heart of the Dubai Central business district, the Gold Souk has literally hundreds of stalls retailing gold from all over the world
  • Take a boat trip along Dubai Creek and see everything from the remarkable skyline to the hundreds of Dhows that line both sides of the waterway
  • Experience a day in the life of a traditional Bedouin with an exciting safari ride into the heart of the Arabian Desert

Shopping in Dubai

The first thing to do once your flights to Dubai are booked is to make sure you have enough spending money.  When you are not relaxing on the golden sands of Dubai beaches, you may want to check out the shopping scene.  Dubai is home to the World’s largest mall, so there will be plenty of opportunities to ‘shop ‘till you drop’ on holiday here. You will find everything from popular high-street stores to bespoke designer clothes, all under one roof.
For something a little more traditional, there are numerous souks laden with unique jewellery, authentic fabrics, regional spices and trinkets sourced from all over the Middle East and beyond. The baggage allowance on Luxury Class Tour flights to Dubai is generous too, so you need not worry about buying too much.

Restaurants in Dubai

Holiday in Dubai and you will find cuisine as international as its residents, ranging from the everyday to the exotic. Indulge at one of many American-style diners or treat yourself to celebrity-worthy cuisine at a world-class restaurant. Flavour is at the forefront of cuisines and anything you get is guaranteed to be nothing less than delicious.

Nightlife in Dubai

The Dubai nightlife is as cosmopolitan as its people, and each areas selection of restaurants and lounges has its own distinct flavour. Indulge in a mocktail or two while dancing along to a jazz solo, or simply sit among the stars at one of numerous hip and happening rooftop chill out spots. Nighttime is the best time to discover that the concept of having fun is always high on the agenda for residents of Dubai.
Downtown Dubai is home to decidedly fancier restaurants – some overlooking the famous Dubai fountains – ideal for an upscale holiday. Meanwhile, Dubai Marina is also open until the early hours of the morning, with cool lounges overlooking the marina bay, and tempting restaurants found along the beachside strip.

Plan your Dubai holiday

With a hot desert climate, the peak season in Dubai is the slightly cooler November to April period when most of the key festivals and sporting events are taking place in plentiful, exciting abundance. Be aware that during the Holy month of Ramadan, (which falls at different times each year), business hours are likely to be shorter than normal.
Finding affordable tickets to Dubai is easy with Luxury Class Tour’s popular deals. During the peak period and Ramadan we highly recommend that you book your tickets to Dubai well in advance. To find cheap hotels in Dubai, you should plan to arrive in the off-peak summer period from May to October. But if you fancy a cooler climate, you can also find fantastic deals on flights to Dubai during peak months, provided you book tickets in advance.
Luxury Class Tour can even assist with arranging your UAE visa. Obtaining an entry permit or visa to Dubai is simple via Luxury Class Tour’s online UAE visa application centre, no matter where you are flying from.

Book your flight to Dubai today

Dubai is the ideal holiday destination offering the perfect fusion of culture and modernity, with a truly breathtaking backdrop. For affordable tickets, Luxury Class Tour is always a great choice. Benefit from fantastic fares on flights to Dubai, with flights heading out daily.

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