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Travel To Dublin

Book your flights to Dublin with Luxury Class Tour and get ready for the trip of a lifetime. Situated at the mouth of the River Liffey, Dublin is well-known for its landmarks and monuments that are hundreds of years old. One of the oldest is Dublin Castle where the government currently resides. Its historical and cultural diversity make it a vibrant place to visit and explore.

Things to do in Dublin

  • Orienteer, mountain bike, or walk up Montpelier Hill and discover the ruined building at the top known locally as the Hell Fire Club
  • Go on a tour to Dalkey Castle and Heritage Centre located in one of Dublin’s suburbs and watch live performances in the seaside town
  • Visit Christ Church Cathedral, the oldest of the two cathedrals in the city, and enjoy the Viking World exhibit and learn about medieval Dublin
  • Take a trip to the National Museum of Ireland, and be captivated by the extensive art displays and exhibits that reflect Ireland’s more recent history
  • Enjoy a river cruise along the Liffey River and experience the history and folklore that surrounds the heart of the city

Shopping in Dublin

If you are booking flights to Dublin, you will soon discover that this city is perfect for a little retail therapy, and it is amazing what you kind find in a city this compact. Grafton Street is arguably the most famous shopping district in Dublin, offering everything from famous high-street brands to unique local outlets. However, if you fancy something a little more low-key, then you can also pay a visit to one of the city’s many quaint boutiques, where you will find an assortment of sweet shops, handmade jewellery stores and other fancy favourites.
Whether you travel in Economy, Pearl Business or First Class, you need not worry about returning with too much luggage, Luxury Class Tour’s baggage allowance on its flights to Dublin is plentiful.

Restaurants in Dublin

From budget to Michelin Starred, restaurants in Dublin cater to all pockets and palates. Naturally, you will find many restaurants and cafes serving Irish food in both traditional and modern forms, but there are plenty of eateries serving international favourites too. Book your flights to Dublin today and enjoy the vast and varied cuisines the city has to offer.

Nightlife in Dublin

Dublin is renowned for its eclectic nightlife.  When the evening sets in, the atmosphere becomes as vibrant as the city lights. If you prefer a chilled out evening, Northside is the best place to visit where you will find small lanes lined with Italian restaurants and cafes – ideal for outdoor dining if you visit Dublin in the summer months when the weather is pleasantly warm.
On the contrary, with its reputation as a party city, a holiday in Dublin will not disappoint if you are seeking a lively trip. For music fans, The Bleu Note on Capel Street has nightly live bands with a focus on jazz, blues and soul acts. Meanwhile, the Gaiety Theatre on King Street South has a multi-storey cinema, as well as alternating live acts and DJs.

Plan your Dublin visit

Whether you are a keen historical enthusiast, an art lover, or someone who enjoys more lively entertainment, there is something for everyone in Dublin. The city plays host to a wide variety of festivals year round, including the St Patrick’s Day parades in March, and the New Year festival in December. If you are looking for cheap hotels in Dublin it may be best to visit at a quieter time of year.
The best time for travel to Dublin is in the summer months, when the weather is warmer, but if you are planning to travel to any of the major festivals then we recommend that you book your tickets to Dublin several months in advance. Finding flight deals to Dublin is easy with Luxury Class Tour’s popular deals.

Book you flights to Dublin today

Dublin is the ideal holiday destination combining the modern and traditional within historical surroundings. For affordable tickets, Luxury Class Tour is always a great choice. Benefit from fantastic fares on flights to Dublin, with flights heading out weekly.

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