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Travel To Edinburgh

Book your flights to Edinburgh with Luxury Class Tour and enjoy your trip to this picturesque city filled with wonderful history, incredible architecture and charm.

Top 5 Things To Do in Edinburgh

  • Every trip to Edinburgh has to start with a fascinating walk through the stunningly well preserved interior of Edinburgh Castle
  • Spend a warm afternoon basking in the beautiful countryside and rolling hills that surround the city
  • Wander the magnificently pretty and historically charming Victorian streets of Old Town
  • Explore Edinburgh’s legendary underground city, a series of vaults beneath the town that housed an entire community
  • In summer, see the incredible Edinburgh Festival and experience the greatest entertainers in theatre, comedy, storytelling and music

Plan Your Edinburgh Holiday

A city founded in the heart of an extinct volcano and filled with exquisite Victorian architecture, Edinburgh has long been known as one of the most scenic cities in the world. It possesses stunning castles, brilliant palaces, cobble stone streets and parts of old town that simply radiate history. By the banks of the River Leith, sits the Britannia, the Royal Family’s private yacht, where you can take a tour of the Royal apartments and see the great luxuries that the British monarchy enjoyed as they travelled the seas.
Summer is the best, and busiest, time to visit Edinburgh thanks to the Edinburgh Festival when people across the world flock to see the performances. Book your tickets to Edinburgh early if coming between May and September. Cheap hotels in Edinburgh are easier to find in the winter, when the weather is chillier, but the city is still filled with exciting events. To get the best offers available, check the deals section of the Luxury Class Tour website for the best flight deals to Edinburgh.

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