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Travel to Egypt

If you have always dreamed of seeing the Great Pyramids or sailing down the Nile, now is the time to take your dream holiday. You can enjoy top quality service on your flights to Egypt when you fly with Luxury Class Tour. Go back in time to an ancient civilisation and marvel at the awe-inspiring stone sculptures and pyramids that are still such a mystery today.

Top 5 Things To Do in Egypt

  • Add the Red Sea to the list of bodies of water that you have snorkelled or dived in
  • Take a tour to see the best of scenery that is unique from anywhere else in the world with great monuments and ancient temples like Karnak, considered the largest ancient religious site in the world
  • Travel out to Abu Simbel where gigantic stone statues have guarded ancient temples since the 13th century BC
  • Soak up the beauty of the Nile with a cruise down one of the most famous rivers in the world
  • Travel back a little further in time on Elephantine Island where you can find great hotels, temples, and museums

Plan Your Egypt Holiday

To visit Luxor where you can see the Valley of the Kings or cruise the Nile, the best months for your visit are from October to February. If you want to take your holiday along the coast of the Red Sea and avoid the tourist crowds, make plans to travel between June and September.
During the hot summer or the pleasant, cooler winter months, you can find flight deals to Egypt when you take advantage of Luxury Class Tour’s popular deals. Reserve your hotel and tickets to Egypt well in advance, however, if you wish to see the sights when temperatures are lower. The best time to get cheap hotels in Egypt is during the summer.

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