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Travel to Greece

Book your flights to Greece with Luxury Class Tour and spend your holiday going back in time. With history dating back to the 3rd century, Greece is considered to be the birthplace of the Western Civilization.

Top 5 Things To Do in Greece

  • Grab your camera and take a trip to see the architecture of the island Santorini. These magnificent white washed buildings are topped with bright blue dome roofs and offer a beautiful view of the sea
  • Relax on the breathtaking beaches of Crete. There are a variety of stunning beaches along the shore ranging from soft white sand to hidden coves strewn with vibrant coloured pebbles
  • Take a boat ride through the magical Melissani Cave with crystal clear waters and majestic stone walls surrounding you, which is sure to be an adventure to remember
  • See the evolution of Greek art and culture at the Benaki Museum in Athens
  • No trip to Greece would be complete without visiting the Acropolis, which can be seen from anywhere in Athens. Climb the stone steps to experience the beauty of the Parthenon atop this amazing monument

Plan Your Greece Holiday

The best time of year to visit Greece is in spring or autumn when the weather is pleasant and there is greater hotel availability. The peak months for tourists are during July and August as August 15th is the Day of Panagia and is Greece’s biggest holiday drawing in thousands of people each year.
To find the best flight deals to Greece make sure to check out Luxury Class Tour’s popular deals when buying your tickets to Greece. If you want to avoid the crowds and find cheap hotels in Greece book your holiday in advance and go during the off-peak season months to find the best rates.

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