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Travel To Ho Chi Minh City

Book your flights to Ho Chi Minh City with Luxury Class Tour and arrive at the largest city in Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh City, formerly known as Saigon, is 300 years old and it is steeped in rich history, while also focusing firmly on the future. Ever evolving, Ho Chi Minh City once began as a fishing village, and has since developed in to the commercial and industrial centre of Vietnam, welcoming millions of business and leisure travellers year after year.

Top 5 things to do in Ho Chi Minh City

  • Arguably the biggest market in Vietnam, Ben Thanh Market, is a well-organized network of aisles containing hundreds of stalls where you will be able to find just about anything
  • The former South Vietnam Presidential Palace, now known as Reunification Palace, has been left untouched since 1975, when a tank crashed the gates marking the end of the Vietnam War. The War Room and 1960s to 1970s décor are as they were
  • The 18th century Saigon Notre-Dame Basilica, officially termed the Basilica of Our Lady of The Immaculate Conception, is in its original state and features two huge bell towers
  • Take a day to enjoy Suoi Tien Amusement Park; set next to an artificial beach the park contains several themed entertainment areas signposted by waterfalls, dragons and red-coloured Buddhas
  • A large and contemporary building finished in 1958, the Xa Loi Pagoda contains an area for tourists, an auditorium and bell tower

Shopping in Ho Chi Minh City

With Vietnam being one of the best cities to shop in Asia, you are certain to make good use of Luxury Class Tour’s baggage allowance to Ho Chi Minh City.
Saigon Square, An Dong Square and Benh Tan Market are great places to start, where you will find a seemingly endless selection of paintings, jewellery, fabrics, clothes, handicrafts and more. Since the people of Vietnam predominantly deal with cash, there is no such thing as a ‘fixed price’, so make sure to bargain for the best deal while shopping in Ho Chi Minh City.
If you prefer to shop indoors, check out the recently opened Aeon Mall Tan Phu Celadona, which is also a treasure trove of great finds.

Restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City

Vietnamese cuisine is one of the worlds most favoured, and there is no better place to sample it than in Ho Chi Min City, the culinary capital of Vietnam. Restaurants here are vast and varied, ranging from street vendors to upscale eateries.
A number of top-quality restaurants can be found in the Dong Khoi area, while Ngu Lao’s eateries offer good value for money. If you are keen to explore, Ben Thanh’s night market located a little further afield, is particularly good for local delicacies.
Depending on when you book your flights to Ho Chi Minh City, you may want to note that Vietnamese Buddhist’s ‘vegetarian days’ fall on the first and 15th day of the lunar month. During these periods sidewalk-stalls and restaurants in and around the city serve up some extremely tasty meat-free meals.

Nightlife in Ho Chi Minh City

When it comes to nightlife and places to visit in evening, the Vietnamese capital will not disappoint. Book flights to Ho Chi Minh City and prepare to leave with only fantastic memories. Whether you are after a quiet night, a spot of dinner or something a little more adventurous, nightlife in Ho Chi Minh City is always hip and happening.

Plan your Ho Chi Minh City holiday

Ho Chi Minh City has plenty of festivals and events all year round. During Tet, (the most important festival in the Vietnamese calendar), the locals welcome in the New Year with an elaborate ocean of bright flowers, bold colours and dancing dragons.  The annual Vietnamese International Film Festival is another event to note, which attracts industry film and media accolades from around the world.
The best part is the climate. Ho Chi Minh City boasts a pleasantly tropical climate all year around, with temperatures rarely going below 20 degrees or above 36 degrees so any time is a good time to plan your holiday in Ho Chi Minh City.

Book your flights to Ho Chi Minh City today

Finding flight deals to Ho Chi Minh City is easy with Luxury Class Tour’s popular offers. During the mid-autumn Lantern Festival and on national holidays, book your tickets to Ho Chi Minh City well in advance. To find cheap hotels in Ho Chi Minh City, travel during the off-peak season or outside of festival times.
With flights heading out weekly and great deals on tickets to Ho Chi Minh City, Luxury Class Tour is the ideal choice. Comfortable reclining seats, warm hospitality and delicious menu’s await you aboard Economy, Pearl Business and First Class seats.

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