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Travel to Japan

Get ready for an amazing trip by reserving your flights to Japan with Luxury Class Tour. Filled with captivating scenery, a unique architectural style, and art that reveals centuries-old culture through calligraphy and painting unlike that of any other country. This unique blend of traditional culture and modern technology make Japan a favourite destination for many repeat visitors.

Top 5 Things To Do in Japan

  • Experience the unique thrill of a sumo tournament and learn the spiritual and ritualistic history of the sport
  • Travel at top speed on the Bullet Train with speeds that reach 186mph to travel to various destinations or just for the experience
  • Experience technology at its best at Akihabara where you are likely to find some new gadgets and spectacular sights in Japan’s most futuristic shopping centre
  • Go to Mount Fuji, whether you are up for the 3776 meter climb or just to experience the majesty of this active volcano in person
  • Cool off at Tokyo DisneySea, with water-themed rides including a submarine ride at 20,000 Leagues under the Sea

Plan Your Japan Holiday

To enjoy winter sports in Northern Japan, such as skiing and snowboarding, visit during the months of January and February when there is lots of snowfall. To see the country when it is in full bloom and to enjoy milder weather, April is the best time to visit.
With Luxury Class Tour’s popular deals, it is easy to find flight deals to Japan. If you want to plan your trip for Golden Week, we advise you to reserve your hotel rooms and tickets to Japan plenty of time in advance. For travellers on a budget, cheap hotels in Japan are available during November, when the weather is still mostly dry and mild and there are fewer crowds.

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