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Travel To Jeddah

Book your flights to Jeddah with Luxury Class Tour and enjoy the cultural melting-pot that is Saudi Arabia. Experience the wonderful sights and smells of this ancient land and absorb the wondrous architecture of the old Al-Balad District. Jeddah is as cosmopolitan as it is traditional. With loads of shopping and beautiful beaches, Jeddah is a great place to visit.

Top 5 Things To Do in Jeddah

  • Visit the magnificent and popular ‘Kings Fountain’, the tallest fountain in the world with water shooting upwards of 850 feet
  • Explore the cobblestoned lanes of the old District of Al-Balad which is a perfect area for those who love to shop and look for bargains. It is a great place to shop for exquisite Arabian and Indian style gold jewellery
  • The Silver Sands beach is an ideal place to take in some sun, sand, and surf. The beautiful white sand makes it perfect for long walks or to just sit down and enjoy some coffee and snacks
  • The Floating Mosque is so named because of its appearance of floating on water when the high tide covers the entire base of the structure. A beautiful example of the local culture can be captured at this mosque
  • Makkah Gate is a great place to visit for its architectural beauty. One can observe the old style of architecture while absorbing the historic significance of the place.

Plan Your Jeddah Holiday

The winter months between October and March are best time to visit Jeddah. Temperatures hover around 25 degrees making it a comfortable stay, and it is recommended to book tickets to Jeddah in advance. Luxury Class Tour also has great flight deals to Jeddah on offer all year round. Finding cheap hotels in Jeddah is easy throughout the year.

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