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Travel To Kathmandu

Book your flights to Kathmandu with Luxury Class Tour today and get ready to experience the stunning beauty of this storied city. The culture is rich as is the spirit of Kathmandu’s friendly and accommodating people.

Top 5 Things To Do in Kathmandu

  • Experience the breathtaking majesty of the views that await you as you take an early morning flight around the Himalayan mountain range
  • Take your loved one on a picnic to the Garden of Dreams
  • Journey through the realm of the kings with an afternoon at Narayanhiti Palace, the home of the monarchy of Nepal until 2008
  • Wander through the open-air markets of the bustling tourist area of Thamel and pick up some souvenirs
  • Explore the ancient and beautiful complex of old-world royal palaces that line the perimeter of Durbar Square

Plan Your Kathmandu Holiday

Kathmandu was inhabited as far back as 300 BC and the modern-day town exudes history. With its numerous ancient buildings sitting against the backdrop of the mighty Himalayas, Kathmandu is one of the most scenic and storied cities in the world. It has been forever preserved in song and in literature and has drawn people with a sense of wanderlust from all over the globe.
The best time to visit this fabled city is during the spring or autumn. It is suggested that you buy your tickets to Kathmandu early if you want to travel there during these times. The summer is quite hot and also very wet due to the monsoon-type climate so you will easily be able to find cheap hotels in Kathmandu during the summer months as long as you don’t mind the rain. The winter is probably the third busiest season after spring and autumn. Flight deals to Kathmandu are easy to find on Luxury Class Tour’s website.

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