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Travel to Kazakhstan

Now is the time to book your flights to Kazakhstan and start planning your trip to this mysterious land. Kazakhstan has proven to be a hospitable region with many unique and interesting customs. For business or pleasure, learning more about the customs is a good idea for travellers who want to make a good impression.

Top 5 Things To Do in Kazakhstan

  • Discover Kazakhstan’s past at the Central State Museum where you can learn about the fascinating history of the country
  • Explore the mountains and taste the flavours of the colourful fresh fruits and vegetables at the Green Market
  • Breathe in the fresh mountain air and stop at any of the numerous cafes surrounded by the mountains in Medeo
  • Ride a cable car to the top of Kok-Tube Hill and enjoy the outdoor restaurants and the impressive view
  • Indulge in the musical culture of the Kazakh at the Museum of Kazakh Instruments

Plan Your Kazakhstan Visit

Kazakhstan has four distinct seasons with interesting and exciting things to do whenever you visit. Winter starts in November, lasting up to five months until March, with the coldest month falling in January. Adventurous travellers will find opportunities for skiing, snowboarding, and skating during these months with the opportunity to hire appropriate equipment for the unpredictable weather. Summer starts in May with the warmest month being July when the highest temperatures in the south may climb to around 30°C. The best time to travel for warm weather activities is late April to October.
Find the best flight deals to Kazakhstan with Luxury Class Tour’s popular deals. To enjoy fishing and swimming we recommend booking your accommodation and your tickets to Kazakhstan well in advance. To find cheap hotels in Kazakhstan, travel during the winter months from November to March.

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