Travel to  Kenya

Travel to Kenya

Book your flights to Kenya with Luxury Class Tour and prepare for the coastal beaches and wide open spaces of the African Serengeti.

Top 5 Things To Do in Kenya

  • Set off from Mombasa for a leisurely boat ride on a dhow
  • Take a once in a lifetime safari adventure through Mount Kenya National Park
  • Witness the sheer power of the annual wildebeest migration across the Serengeti Plains
  • Wander the open air markets on the streets of Nairobi in search of the perfect craft souvenir to take home
  • Stand in awe under the shadow of Mount Kilimanjaro

Plan Your Kenya Holiday

You really must go on safari when you visit Kenya. It is the safari capital of Africa and there are several different ways to experience the African wilderness. If you are able to trek extensively you can take a traditional safari staying in tents as you go for the full safari experience. For a little more money you can stay in luxury tents on your journey, with running water and cold beverages. If you prefer riding in a jeep you can always go on a game drive which typically lasts only a few hours rather than the traditional few days. It is best to take the game drive route in the early morning or early evening when the majority of animals are on the move. You could even take a camel safari if you would prefer that to walking. Staying at a big game lodge and setting out on day safaris is yet another option.
January and February are the ideal months to go on safari. Book your tickets to Kenya early for these months. Cheap hotels in Kenya can be found from March to May and flight deals to Kenya are available with Luxury Class Tour.

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