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Travel to Kingdom of Bahrain

Book your flights to Bahrain with Luxury Class Tour and prepare to visit a country that is famous for its relationship with water. The name of the country, Bahrain, means Two Seas in Arabic, emphasising the country’s focus on natural beauty. Although many areas that maintain their traditional way of life, there are also nightclubs, international franchises, and lots of shopping malls. This blend of the traditional and modern Middle Eastern culture makes it an interesting and fun place to spend time while you indulge in activities that are truly exotic and genuine.

Top 5 Things To Do in Bahrain

  • Ride a camel at the Royal Camel Farm where you can also explore the wildlife in its natural surroundings
  • Visit the souk markets and haggle for locally made goods including spices, tobacco tea leaves and perfume
  • Dine in Adliya where there are many types of restaurants including those with influences from other countries
  • Dive for what many believe to be among the best pearls in the world
  • Take amazing pictures of sea and familiar landmarks

Plan Your Bahrain Holiday

If you plan to run in the Bahrain Marathon, you will need to plan your visit to Bahrain during February. If you want to enjoy the Bahrain Grand Prix during the Formula One calendar, it is best to start planning your holiday to Bahrain for the latter part of April.
You will be able to find flight deals to Bahrain easily with Luxury Class Tour’s popular deals. If you plan to visit during Ramadan or during the Muslim festivals, reserve your tickets to Bahrain early. To find cheap hotels in Bahrain, travel during the off-peak season of November through to February when the weather is cooler. During the month of Ramadan many of the public activities are limited.

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