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Travel to Kuwait

Book your flights to Kuwait with Luxury Class Tour today and see all the splendour of Kuwait as it blends its past with a present day rebirth as a top-notch tourist destination. Beautiful luxury hotels situated on meticulously landscaped streets await the discerning tourist in Kuwait.

Top 5 Things To Do in Kuwait

  • Take a speedboat to Failaka Island to explore ancient Greek ruins dating back to 4 BC
  • Spend an enchanting afternoon at Sadhu House, a time capsule filled with hundreds of years of Bedouin arts and crafts
  • Stand in the centre of a shark tank at the largest aquarium in the Middle East
  • Have high tea or a light lunch on the observation deck of the famous Kuwait Towers
  • Spend a leisurely afternoon sailing or scuba diving in the Arabian Sea

Plan Your Kuwait Holiday

Kuwait continues to rejuvenate and reinvent itself as a major tourist destination. The construction of several world-class hotels and significant beautification efforts have transformed the old city of Kuwait into a mainstream luxury and highly popular destination. The blending of old and new is evident almost everywhere you turn in Kuwait, and this is especially true at the port where you will see traditional dhows docked alongside modern day ships.
We recommend that you buy your tickets to Kuwait early if you plan on travelling on National Day or Liberation Day, two very popular celebrations that take place on 25 and 26 February. The prime tourist season in Kuwait is between November and April as the weather is a bit cooler at that time of year. If you don’t mind the summer heat, cheap hotels in Kuwait can be found from May through to October. Flight deals to Kuwait can easily be found on Luxury Class Tour’s website under the Deals section.

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