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Travel To Larnaca

Book your flights to Larnaca Town with Luxury Class Tour and we will take you to one of the oldest cities in Cyprus. People have lived in Larnaca Town since as far back as 8000 years ago, and it’s easy to see why!

Top 5 Things To Do in Larnaca Town

  • Take a romantic evening stroll on the Larnaca Promenade for breath-taking views of the sea and previews of the sites you can visit during day, beginning with the Larnaca Salt Lake to the south and ending with Europe Square on the northern end near the marina
  • Peer out over the Larnaca Salt Lake, where you will see dry salt in the summer and pink flamingos in the water in the winter
  • Enter the depths of the Catacomb of Phaneromeni Church, built somewhere around the 8th century and thought by some to imbue magical aid upon those who follow prescribed rituals, and admire the conglomeration of architectural styles representative of the city above on the church itself
  • Look inside Larnaca Castle, a medieval fort, dating back to at least the 12th century, which is now a museum with a courtyard for open-air performances
  • Spend some time at Europe Square, where you will find the Palaeontology Museum and the Municipal Gallery of Modern Art

Plan Your Larnaca Town Holiday

Luxury Class Tour has flights deals to Larnaca Town for very reasonable prices. Keep in mind, however, that during the summer temperature can reach 33 °C or more and it can be rainy in the winter. The best months to buy tickets to Larnaca Town are April, May, October and November.
For cheap hotels in Larnaca Town, make your reservations in advance, especially during the Festival of the Flood that spans several weeks during the early summer.

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