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Travel to Maldives

Book your flights to the Maldives with Luxury Class Tour and get ready to explore the 26 islands that form the ‘Necklace of the Indian Ocean’.

Top 5 Things To Do in the Maldives

  • Spend a day searching for the perfect trinket in the many handicraft shops of Baa Atoll
  • Go night fishing under the brilliant stars
  • Charter your own yacht for a relaxing cruise around the archipelago in absolute luxury to get a fantastic view of this beautiful area
  • Try your hand at surfing in the clear waters of the Indian Ocean
  • Go beach hopping and try out as many beaches as you can

Plan Your Maldives Holiday

The Maldives offers world-class scuba diving and the offshore reefs in the area are teeming with all kinds of colourful fish darting all over the stunning coral formations. Most people will tell you that the Maldives are simply a paradise for scuba so if you don’t dive already, be sure to get certified while you are here. You really cannot afford to miss out on the chance to experience the underwater world here. The best time to dive in these waters is in the months of April and November when the water is incredibly clear.
The main tourist season runs from December to March when people in northern climates escape their winters for a little fun in the sun. If you are travelling during this time it is highly recommended that you book your tickets to the Maldives well in advance. The rest of the year can be considered the monsoon season, but the rainfall varies quite a bit. From April to November the rains are more intense, but it is a great time to find cheap hotels in the Maldives. Flight deals to the Maldives are easy to find with Luxury Class Tour.

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