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Travel To Medina

Book your flights to Medina with Luxury Class Tour and prepare to explore and enjoy this second holy city of Islam, full of wonder and meaning. A place of pilgrimage, Medina is steeped in heritage and can be a busy destination. Alongside religious buildings, Medina offers fine cuisine and local bazaars.

Top 5 Things To Do in Medina

  • Visit the Quba Mosque, the oldest mosque in the world, the first stones having been laid by the Prophet Muhammad “Peace Be Blessed Upon Him”.
  • Mount Uhud offers an outdoor experience where you can take in the history of past battles and stand on important ground; bring the past to life with your imagination in this place which is often described as peaceful and powerful.
  • Soak up the heat and bustle of the old traditional bazaars which still operate in Medina.
  • Take a trip to the remarkably preserved Madain Saleh Tombs, an ancient archaeological area which is a World Heritage Site and feel the history and culture through the ages since the first century AD.
  • For a leisurely shop, Medina has modern style malls, with food courts and up-to-date facilities where you can wander in cool surroundings for a contrast to the bazaars.

Plan Your Medina Holiday

With so much history and so many important landmarks, Medina holds a special charm and a significance for many people. Whilst many areas have been redeveloped, plenty of tradition still exists, allowing you to experience the best of both worlds.
Find competitive flight deals to Medina through Luxury Class Tour’s popular Deals section. As Medina is a thriving site of pilgrimage, book your hotel and your tickets to Medina well ahead of travelling. To access cheap hotels in Medina, book a hotel further from the Holy Mosque, where many hotels are situated and are being expanded.

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