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Travel To Muscat

Book your flights to Muscat with Luxury Class Tour and look forward to a holiday which promises opportunities to sightsee, shop in traditional markets and visit ancient buildings. You can appreciate a great sense of history in the city and enjoy the beautiful scenery between the ocean and the mountains.

Top 5 Things To Do in Muscat

  • The sea is an important feature for Muscat, so book a diving excursion or dolphin watching trip whilst you are there
  • Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque is famed for stunning architecture and picturesque surroundings. Spend a day there to learn about the history and culture of Muscat
  • Enjoy the Wadis and beaches with a picnic lunch
  • Get ready to haggle in Muttrah Souk for some bargain souvenirs
  • Spend an entertaining evening in Muscat’s Royal Opera House, known for excellent service and luxurious surroundings

Plan Your Muscat Holiday

February is springtime in Muscat, when the sea air is fresh and the temperature comfortable, so it is a pleasant and popular time to travel. As a rambling, coastal city, Muscat is divided into distinct areas and the most tourist-focussed districts are Muscat and Muttrah with malls, restaurants and hotels.
Finding well-priced flight deals to Muscat is easy with Luxury Class Tour’s range of flight options. Muscat hosts some of the bigger festivals. In early February there is a well-attended mountain bike event, so you should book your hotel and your tickets to Muscat in advance if you intend to visit then. Other highlights at the same time of year are the International Trade Fair and mid-February’s equestrian meetings. To secure cheap hotels in Muscat consider travelling around the beginning of June when it is less populated with tourists, you can also explore accommodation throughout the neighbouring districts in the city, to find other deals.

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