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Travel To Nagoya

Reserve your flights to Nagoya with Luxury Class Tour and prepare for your holiday in this marvellous city. Nagoya has something to offer everyone. This modern city is filled with Japanese culture and history. From the numerous gardens and parks to shrines and museums, and countless other attractions, this city is a very popular destination.

Top 5 Things To Do in Nagoya

  • Explore Nagoya Castle, built in 1612, and marvel at the rich history of this place. The mythical golden tiger-headed carp on the roof is considered the symbol of Nagoya
  • Admire the many kinds of orchid at the Ran no Yakata Orchid Gardens and be mesmerised by their outstanding fragrances
  • See Atsuta Shrine which exhibits around 4,400 Japanese treasures spanning 2,000 years, and holds about 70 festivals every year
  • Wander the halls of the Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology and take a look at the amazing demonstrations of science the museum offers
  • Visit the Kakamigahara Aerospace Science Museum and see aircraft as varied as research aircraft, fighter jets, and human-powered aircraft. You can actually climb aboard some of the bigger exhibits

Plan Your Nagoya Holiday

Nagoya has a humid, subtropical climate with hot summers and cool winters. The city holds many festivals and fairs and most of these take place during the summer, making this a popular time to visit. To travel at this time, you would have to plan ahead and book your hotels and tickets to Nagoya early.
Flight deals to Nagoya can be easily found in the summer season which starts from April and lasts till September. This is the time of year with the heaviest rainfall, however, and finding cheap hotels in Nagoya is not too difficult, especially after the end of August when most of the festivals will have taken place.

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