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Travel to Pakistan

Book your flights to Pakistan through Luxury Class Tour and open a world of bright and interesting culture amidst a sensational landscape. Home to dozens of lush, tumbling gardens nestled between the peaks of the Himalayan Mountains, Pakistan offers a variety of tastes and experiences that are sure to bring pleasure to all. Resorts and spas fill the beachfronts, while those that appreciate athletic, adventurous activities can trek through the mountains to enjoy the pine forests and lakeside retreats that are tucked away in these environments.

Top 5 Things To Do in Pakistan

  • Travel to the Indus Valley to view the city of Mohenjo-Daro. This was once considered one of the finest cities in the ancient world and provides visitors with a breath-taking look into the culture and traditions these ancient people enjoyed
  • Journey to the Abbottabad hill tract, a beautiful, pine-covered region that is home to several resorts, botanical gardens and golf courses
  • See the ancient city of Harappa, a beautiful “lost city” that is slowly being unearthed
  • Visit the Pakistan Monument in Islamabad, a striking granite memorial that honours the unity of diverse cultures found throughout the country
  • Wander the city of Karachi. This city is a hub of excitement with many colonial buildings, beachfronts, shops and museums for visitors to explore

Plan Your Pakistan Holiday

There are often flight deals to Pakistan between November and April for those that wish to visit the southern region of this country. In the northern areas of the country it is advised to seek out tickets to Pakistan between May until October as in other months heavy snow in the mountainous regions can make travel difficult. Cheap hotels in Pakistan are also available at the beginning of spring due to the colourful Basant festivals that feature kite-flying activities.

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