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Travel To Peshawar

Book your flights to Peshawar with Luxury Class Tour and prepare to revel in the long history of this ancient town and its culture.

Top 5 Things To Do in Peshawar

  • Spend a day bartering in Qissa Khawani Bazaar, one of the oldest markets in the world
  • Walk through the Old City and marvel at the surrounding buildings some of which date back over thousands of years
  • Visit the elegant splendour of the Peshawar Museum and its richly rewarding displays
  • Tour the undulating curves of the Bala Hisar Fort’s perimeter. Visit the small museum inside and also enjoy great panoramic views of Peshawar and the whole Peshawar valley
  • Spend the day with your family at the Karnal Sher Khan Stadium with its amusement park rides and souvenirs

Plan Your Peshawar Holiday

The history of Peshawar is best told from its collection of magnificent structures that are spread throughout the city. In Peshawar you can see colonial structures like the Cunningham Clock Tower and Victoria Memorial Hall, as well as many ancient gateways built thousands of years ago as portals to the gated bazaars throughout the city. Everywhere you turn in this ancient city you are sure to see remnants of its glorious past.
Peak season for tourists in Peshawar is during the spring and autumn months. The summer is monsoon time and the winters are quite cold. If you plan on visiting in spring or autumn, be sure to book your tickets to Peshawar as early as possible. Cheap hotels in Peshawar can be found throughout the year, but an excellent time to ensure availability would be to visit in the monsoonal summer or in the winter. For the best flight rates to Peshawar checkout the Deals section on the Luxury Class Tour’s website.

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