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Travel to Philippines

Book your flights to the Philippines with Luxury Class Tour and prepare to become immersed in this unique country’s culture.

Top 5 Things To Do in the Philippines

  • Journey into the past with a trip to Cebu City and follow in the fabled footsteps of Magellan
  • Follow the elusive and endangered Philippine eagle over the mountainside of Mount Apo then relax in one of the numerous natural hot springs
  • Explore the Tabon Caves where artefacts have been found dating back twenty-two-thousand years
  • Take a once in a lifetime safari through the Calauit Island Wildlife Sanctuary, home of zebras, impalas and giraffes
  • Simply unwind on one of the world’s finest beaches on the coast of Boracay Island

Plan Your Philippines Holiday

Whether you want to go exploring the many caves in the mountains, bask in the warm sun or immerse yourself in the culture and amazingly friendly people of this country, the Philippines is surely a destination you must visit at least once. The Banaue Rice Terraces alone have been referred to as one of the true wonders of the world and are a must-see.
The Philippines’ climate consists of two distinct seasons. The dry season is from January to June and is the prime tourist season. (The average temperature remains constant throughout the year at around 25 degrees Celsius.) During the off season from July to December it is easier to find cheap hotels in the Philippines. Please note that the third week in October may be the exception as the MassKara Festival is held then and is similar to a Mardi Gras festival. If you plan on visiting the country then we recommend buying your tickets to the Philippines early. Flight deals to the Philippines are always easy to find on the Deal section of the Luxury Class Tour website.

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