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Travel To Sao Paulo

Plan your flights to Sao Paulo with Luxury Class Tour and you too can enjoy some of the most beautiful culture in the world. Home to more than 20 million Brazilians, the largest city on the continent features multiple skyscrapers touching the clouds. Even New Yorkers are impressed with the city’s excitement. Made up of roughly 8,000 square km, or 3,089 square miles, the 50 year old city is magnificent in terms of size and culture. TurisMetro tours are free excursions, topped with lessons on the city’s biggest attraction.

5 Top-Notch Tourist Attractions in Sao Paulo

  • Experience panoramic view of the city, as well as Centro Cultural, Old Downtown, the Municipal Theater, Concert hall Sala Sao Paulo, train station Estaçao da Luz and the Municipal Market on a 4 hour Sao Paulo City Tour.
  • Engaging in Ciclofaixa de Lazer, a person can enjoy cycling on the roads of Sao Paulo on Sundays and public holidays.
  • The Ibirapuera Park is fabulous for cycling, as well as spending the day outdoors.
  • Animal lovers can stop by Brazil’s largest zoo, Jardim Zoológico, to have a look at thousands of animals.
  • Each March, the Sao Paulo carnival features colorfully dressed dancers, samba musicians and decorated vehicles. Think of a vivid parade, like Marti Gras.

Plan Your Trip to San Paulo

Thanks to Luxury Class Tour, it could not be any easier to soak up so much beauty and culture, meshed with a fun experience. While the entire year is wonderful for flying to Sao Paulo, the spring is the busiest tourist season. Just plan ahead, and reserve your flights to Sao Paulo with the highly reliable Luxury Class Tour.

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