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Travel to Seychelles

Take your flights to Seychelles on Luxury Class Tour, and even before you catch sight of the string of 115 pearls making up this beautiful island nation in the Indian Ocean below, you will be able to relax and enjoy our superior services. Upon arrival, indulge in an exclusive resort with tranquil beaches or find a rustic cabin and breathe in the sweet scent of vanilla fields and cinnamon trees swaying in the breeze.

Top 5 Things To Do in Seychelles

  • Let the scents of Jardin du Roi surround you and don’t forget to take home a handmade aromatic candle from the famous spice shop
  • Enjoy the pristine beaches and charm of La Digue Island
  • Walk amongst the huge palms of Vallée de Mai Nature Reserve and its beautifully refreshing waterfalls
  • Swim with dolphins and turtles and discover the incredible coral reefs at the Sainte Anne Marine National Park
  • Spot the endemic birds of Cousin Island in their natural habitat, one of the most important nature reserves in the world

Plan Your Seychelles Holiday

With a year-long tropical climate, you can buy tickets to Seychelles for whenever you wish. May to September are the ideal months, however, if you want to enjoy the beaches, diving, hiking or bird watching. With Luxury Class Tour you will not have any trouble finding flight deals to Seychelles if you plan in advance.
Although it’s a popular travel destination, finding cheap hotels in Seychelles is not impossible, especially in the months from May to October, when there is less of an influx of tourists. In fact, October is when the Creole Festival takes place with its six days full of tradition, vibrant colours, and energy expressed through music, crafts, and cuisine.

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