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Travel to South Korea

Book your flights to South Korea with Luxury Class Tour and get ready to experience the beautiful scenery and charming people that define this majestic country. This is a country that embraces its past with pride while moving forward into a prosperous future.

Top 5 Things To Do in South Korea

  • Experience the sights, sounds, and thrills of the world’s largest indoor amusement park at Lotte World
  • Revel in the breathtaking vistas that surround you as you take a cable car to the top of Namsan Mountain
  • Get lost in the past when you visit the ancient city of Gyeongju
  • Take a sightseeing day trip to Yeosu, site of the 2012 World’s Fair
  • Shop for bargains and unusual items at the night market in Dongdaemun

Plan Your South Korea Holiday

From the moment you touch down in South Korea you are surrounded by the culture of this storied country. Even the walls of the airport are lined with artefacts showcasing South Korea’s rich history. The world-class tourist destinations are plentiful as are the many natural splendours which are best viewed in the months of October and November when the autumn colours dominate the landscape.
Flight deals to South Korea can always be found with Luxury Class Tour. The peak tourist season in South Korea is considered to be from the third week of July to the second week of August, just after the rainy season ends. It is known that hotels charge an inflated price during this peak period and it is strongly recommended, if you are visiting the area at this time, that you book your tickets to South Korea well in advance as flights and hotels become hard to find. Cheap hotels in South Korea can be found during the off season and this can be a good time to visit.

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