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Travel To Tehran

Book your flights to Tehran with Luxury Class Tour and be prepared to visit one of the most beautiful tourist destinations that Iran has to offer. Gaining popularity as a tourist destination, Tehran is a wonderful mix of adherence to tradition and acceptance of modernism that characterises the people of this city.

Top 5 Things To Do in Tehran

  • Visit the Azadi Tower, the magnificent structure that is one of the oldest and most important parts of the history of Tehran. You can also visit the Azadi Museum, located under the tower
  • Make a trip to the Treasury of the National Jewels, a collection of some of the most extravagant and breath taking jewels that the world has seen
  • Visit the Golestan Palace, the oldest and most beautiful of the historical monuments in Tehran You can take a tour around its multiple palaces, halls and restaurants
  • Make a trip to the Tochal Sport and Recreational Complex on Mount Tochal to enjoy adventure activities such as hiking and skiing and to get some magnificent views overlooking Tehran
  • Have a taste of the Pistachio Bastani offered by Akbar Mashti Bastani, the specialist ice cream shop that has gained international acclaim

Plan Your Tehran Holiday

Tehran is most attractive to tourists from early April to late September. July is too hot during the day but the nights are generally pleasant, allowing for comfortable evening and night ventures. Travelling during the peak season requires that you book your tickets to Tehran well in advance so that you can get your preferred dates. You can check the Deals section of Luxury Class Tour to get some great flight deals to Tehran. You can have a comfortable stay during your holiday with the many options of high quality yet cheap hotels in Tehran.

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