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Travel To Tokyo

Book your trip to Tokyo with Luxury Class Tour and you can rest assured that every step of your journey will be a pleasure. The giant city meshes thousands of years of tradition with modern technology and pop culture. A visitor to Japan can start his or her day at the colorful fish auction at the Tsukiji Market. A person can then enjoy a beautiful stroll under the cherry blossom trees along the Sumida River. Check out the awe-inspiring Imperial Palace and its magnificent East Gardens. You can top of your day with an educational history lesson on Japan at the Edo-Tokyo Museum. Toss in some sushi and udon noodles, and you will find yourself in one of the most remarkable destinations in the world.

5 Amazing Tourist Attractions in Tokyo

  • The massive skyscraper, Shinjuku, is a popular hangout with picaresque offices, shopping and nightlife
  • Tokyo’s famous shopping mecca houses cafes, department stores and top of the line shops, such as Fendi and Gucci.
  • The Mori Art Museum is world renowned for its contemporary art.
  • The Tokyo National Museum contains more than 600 treasures of Japanese cultural importance.
  • Found along the Tokyo Skyline, the Asahi Beer Hall features a brew for any occasion.

Plan Your Trip to Tokyo

Tokyo stands alone in its combination of old world culture and modern attractions. There is no doubt that a visitor can keep himself or herself entertained throughout the duration of any trip to Japan. It is also a year-round destination. The summer is the most popular time to fly to Tokyo, as the winters can get a bit chilly. Expect some snow, with temperatures in the 40s and 50s. Regardless what time of the year you fly to Tokyo, relying on Luxury Class Tour is always a smart decision.

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