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Travel to Vietnam

Book your flights to Vietnam through Luxury Class Tour and prepare for a truly unique Asian holiday experience. Vietnam is a country that prides itself on hospitality; the people enjoy lavish festivals and social activities, and are very welcoming to visitors and interested observers. Take a leisurely river cruise or venture into the mountains for a quiet retreat. It is easy to become immersed in the experience of Vietnamese culture through eclectic art, traditional music, and exciting cuisine.

Top 5 Things To Do in Vietnam

  • Marvel at the majestic limestone backdrop on Ha Long Bay as you drift through the placid waters surrounding it
  • Take in the historical splendour of the city of Hue, where you will experience both traditional Vietnamese culture and its evolving modern customs
  • Enjoy strolling the marketplace in Hoi An and discover the perfect souvenir of this vibrant country
  • Visit Hanoi and Saigon and see the French colonial heritage in Vietnam’s food, art and architecture
  • Take a hiking tour of the Tonkinese Alps and discover breathtaking views of the countryside as you pass through villages and hill towns

Plan Your Vietnam Holiday

Plan to visit Vietnam during the summer months, June, July, and August, as this is the best time to enjoy consistently good and comfortable weather. Finding flight deals to Vietnam is easy with great deals from Luxury Class Tour. When travelling in Vietnam, always be prepared for rain as sudden, but brief downpours are common throughout the country. Book your hotel in Vietnam central to most points on your itinerary and book in advance if you are travelling for summer festivals like Tra Co or Yen Lap in July. To find cheap hotels in Vietnam, travel on the cusp of the high season: late May through to early June.

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